Marina Bay Cruise Centre

Scope of Project

UX Research & Strategy
User Flow & User Stories
Engagement Strategy
App UI Design


The Marina Bay Cruise Centre Singapore (MBCCS) is a state-of-the-art cruise terminal located next to the main attractions in Singapore and the Business District. The MBCCS boasts top-notch facilities and its two-berth facility can accommodate up to 2 mega-ships and 6,800 passengers at any one time. MBCCS wanted their app experience to reflect their brand and impeccable customer experience, with a user interface design that is fun and unique at the same time.


After gathering the requirements from MBCCS, we explored the options of having a UI that would allow users to explore the app functionalities while promoting the services of MBCCS. Equipped with UX Research, we plotted out the User Flow for the App.


We designed the user interface to provide a clearer flow for its users. The new UI got rid of the clutter and irrelevant items that were hogging up the screen's real estate, and replaced it with sleek and beautiful icons and draggable cards that were both informative and intuitive.


Old, Cluttered & Unappealing

During our research phase, we found that the old design was not very intuitive, confusing, and also seemed unenticing for anyone to download or use the app. There was nothing on the main screen that would contribute to allow the users to explore, which, according to some users, was just another reason for them not to have the app on their phone at all.

With requirements from the client, together with insights gained from research, we set out to design a new intutive UI that would promote better interactions with the app.

Designing a Newer Experience

Upon launching the app, there are animations of menus sliding in to give users the idea of what might be the possible interactions within the app. We included new features of the app that would allow users to easily access free Wi-Fi at the cruise centre, as well as getting cruise timings for both Arrival and Departure.


Personalised Experience

While users can skip registration and still use the app, they are able to sign up for accounts to earn points or check for orders made through the app.

Intuitive User Interface

Departing from it's previous UI, the sleek, new app design encompasses a more visually-friendly user interface that would allow a better interaction experience with its features.

Focused Tabs

Every visitor would have a different purpose when using the app. Which is why we designed the app to have a specific focus for each card, allowing arriving and departing visitors to navigate around the app more efficiently.


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