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Scope of Project

UX Strategy
Engagement Strategy
App Design and Development
Web Design and Development


ION Orchard is, without a doubt, the centrepiece of Singapore’s retail landscape - the crème de la crème of Singapore’s shopping and entertainment scene. In today’s age, a cutting-edge and seamless digital experience is a core part of a shopper’s experience and engagement with a retail entity. For both tourist or local shopper, a visitor’s touch point with ION Orchard, starts and continues to be re-fueled on digital fronts. Whether before, during, or after shopping and visit at ION Orchard, digital engagement plays a great role in enhancing a shopper’s experience.


Great technological experience should not be limited to just customers—processes needed to be streamlined and digitalised for operation teams; marketing teams needed to be empowered with latest tools to engage, experiment, and measure different marketing campaigns and strategies; management needed solutions to easily access to reports, analytics, and measure ROI of different efforts.


We acted on insights to generate solutions. Upon confirmation of requirements, we drafted the wireframes. Design options were presented before progressing to full UI designs. The revamped design empowers ION Orchard to better attract and engage new visitors and loyal members alike, equipping its digital teams with valuable behavioural insights and analytics.


Design for Experience

We analysed their existing app and recommended improvements to the UI design and entire user flows. In order to align stakeholders towards a well-informed goal grounded by real user insights/issues, we had to start with UX Research to establish users’ behaviours, pain points and areas for improvement.

We had interviews with users/stakeholders that helped us to uncover real pain points and behaviours to resolve. We also conducted competitor analysis, where it provided benchmarks and opportunities to offer better UX, UI or features.


Colour Palette

The ION Orchard team wanted something unique yet familiar. So the colour scheme was designed to use their existing brand colours while creating a new palette that exudes luxury. Stripping away the visuals, the brand colour of ION Orchard is the sole accent colour. The colour choices have then enabled the foundation for a beautiful, engaging and seamless design.


With the new visual guidelines developed for the app, the website revamp would follow these guidelines and remove clutter. The web interface would instead encourage exploration and content recommendations. Working closely with the marketing team in ION, we helped to structure the content in a better way—allowing ION Orchard to better attract and engage new visitors whilst gathering valuable behavioural insights and analytics


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